• Aurora australis
    Aurora australis

Tasmanians were treated to a spectacular show of the aurora australis last Thursday night, with viewers describing it as "the best and strongest" they had seen in years.

The aurora is a natural display of lights in the sky — appearing as rays, curtains, flickers or spirals. It's usually seen around the Antarctic and Arctic regions.

The Bureau of Meteorology has describes it as "one of nature's most spectacular visual phenomena", taking place when "favourable" space weather activity occurs.

It hit on Thursday night and was visible in areas across the state: in Blackman's Bay and Clifton Beach near Hobart, in Launceston and Devonport in the north, in Ross in the east and in Queenstown in the west.

Solar weather forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology Zandria Farrell said this was a particularly widespread lightshow.

"This aurora event was seen as high up as in the Mallee in Victoria, and there were reports of faint sightings as far across as Perth," she told the ABC.

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