• New Helena Hut Design
    New Helena Hut Design

We are very pleased to let WA walkers know the rebuild of Helena Campsite is underway, after a fire destroyed the existing hut in January last year. It is due for completion by the end of June.

The internal layout of the shelter is similar to the Deep South providing increased weather protection whilst leaving most of the front wall open to maximise the views.

Walker feedback from the rammed earth shelters built previously has been taken into consideration including maximising hanging space. Furthermore, improvements to the existing four rammed earth shelters built in the Nornalup Design are being carried out including closing in one side to improve weather protection.

Walkers should be aware that construction vehicles will be using part of the Bibbulmun Track to access the site.In the meantime, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation kindly ask that walkers do not use any part of the campsite spur trail and keep away from the campsite itself, as trucks and construction equipment will be in the area.

The campsite will remain closed and is about 18km between Ball Creek and Waalegh Campsites. You can keep an eye on the Track conditions in their Section By Section Guide.

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