• Bluff Knoll
    Bluff Knoll

A spike in rescues at one of Western Australia's most popular tourist hikes has prompted a warning from emergency services.

Rescue crews have rescued five people from Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in southern WA, so far this year — the most in recent memory.

The 3km summit trail offers stunning 360-degree views from the 1,090m peak in the Stirling Range National Park, about 90km north of Albany on the state's south coast.

A woman with a leg injury was carried by stretcher off the mountain last month.

Gnowangerup SES responds to emergency calls on the mountain, with the group's volunteers often trekking up the peak to assist people following falls or medical episodes.

A rescue helicopter has been used this year to airlift injured hikers from the summit, but its use is limited due to the peak's ever-changing weather conditions.

SES coordinator Les Nayda said the increase in visitors seemed to have sparked a rise in rescues.

"A number of injured hikers have been airlifted or carried in stretchers off the peak," he said. "When you get an increase in visitor numbers, the risk for someone getting injured increases."

Mr Nayda said hikers should be well prepared for the climb despite its relatively low grading.

A new app has been launched that should help hikers around the tracks of the Stirlng Ranges

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