• Welcome to the Overland Track.
    Welcome to the Overland Track.

A 43-year-old man was rescued from the Tasmania's iconicĀ  Overland Track after being caught in poor weather on a hike on Monday.

The Examiner reports man activated his personal locator beacon (PLB) after becoming overcome by deteriorating weather conditions.

He was located on the track between Marion's Lookout and the Horse Track on Monday night and will walk from the track on Tuesday morning.

The bushwalker was not injured and was well equipped but deemed the weather conditions to hazardous to continue his hike.

Tasmania Police commended the man for carrying a personal locator beacon, to assist emergency services to locate him quickly.

"Personal locator beacons help to minimise the search and rescue operations and have the potential to save your life," a statement from Tasmania Police read.

The man will be assisted by emergency services back to the Dove Lake car park where he will be receive medical assessment.

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