• Te Araroa. TNZ
    Te Araroa. TNZ

Louise Coghill was on the top of the world when its borders started to close.

For four months Coghill, a Perth photographer, had been hiking Te Araroa, the 3,000km trail down the length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga in the north to the southernmost point of Bluff.

Louise had set out in November 2019. By early March she had made it to the Canterbury region of the South Island. The end of her journey was in sight, plus she had picked up a boyfriend, Marco – a Swiss hiker she had met along the way.

But as COVID reached Kiwi shores and with a full lockdown looming, Louise and Marco had to find somewhere to ride out the drama.

Their Te Araroa host in Canterbury Denise had built a tiny cabin on her property as a homage to JRR Tolkien’s cosy creations, which could also double as basic guest accommodation.

And this is where Louise and Marco stayed. Click here to read their full story.

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