• Leclercia adecarboxylata as seen under a microscope
    Leclercia adecarboxylata as seen under a microscope

An American woman's leg started to rot away after it was impaled on a tree branch while she was hiking in Hawaii.

Nine News reports the 72-year-old was walking on a lava field when she tripped and fell onto the branch, cutting open her lower leg.

But she did not seek professional medical treatment until six days later, when her wound was irrigated and closed, according to a report from the British Medical Journal.

Unbeknownst to her, the injury had left her exposed to the pathogen Leclercia adecarboxylata, which gave her a necrotising soft tissue infection.

After a five-day course of antibiotics she went to the emergency room in Washington state, as the wound was... wait for it... oozing a foul-smelling liquid and the skin was discoloured.

Doctors then discovered large blisters and other signs her flesh was rotting away.

Her infection is the first known instance of the pathogen Leclercia adecarboxylata causing a necrotising soft-tissue infection in someone without a weak immune system.

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