• Rubbish on the beach
    Rubbish on the beach

Authorities are calling on people to dob in rubbish dumpers along Queensland's coastline after another beach was trashed on the weekend.

Now rangers are keen to use recently installed automatic number plate recognition technology to find those dumping in the national park.

After storms hit on the weekend, Teewah Beach on Noosa's North Shore was one of more than a dozen abandoned campsites completely wrecked with garbage, leftover food, gazebos and tents.

"Absolutely disgusting – this is not a rubbish dump, this is a beach," Sam Clarke told 9News.

"I wanted to close the beach. To see it trashed like that, I'd rather lose access, now I don't think that's a solution, but something serious has to happen."

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year carting out rubbish from just Teewah Beach alone and locals want more patrols conducted.

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