• Baby turtle
    Baby turtle

Cars are set to be banned from driving on Broome's Cable Beach during peak turtle nesting season from next year after a review found the move could protect 80 per cent of hatchlings from vehicle impacts.

The ban is the recommendation of the Yawuru Park Council, which manages conservation issues on Cable Beach and includes Yawuru native title holders, the Broome Shire and Parks and Wildlife, the ABC reports.

The Yawuru Parks coordinator with Parks and Wildlife, Wil Bennett, said the Broome Shire would make the final decision in coming months.

"The vehicle ramp closures for two months come into place in December 2022, subject to a final decision by the shire, given that it is shire land where the access ramp is," he said.

The proposal is aimed at providing the greatest benefit for nesting flatback and green sea turtles, while having the minimum impact on the popular tradition of driving cars on Cable Beach.

"To ensure that there's still maintenance of recreational access down to the beach, we looked at targeting the closure for when most of the hatching events are taking place," Mr Bennett said.

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