• Mount Everest
    Mount Everest

Mount Everest is visible from Nepal's capital Kathmandu for the first time in living memory.

Last week, pictures were taken of the famous mountain from Nepal, where it has never been seen. Reduced air pollution means that Mount Everest is visible for the first time in our lifetime.

The many lockdown laws and restrictions in place around the world mean have lessened the use of cars and public transport dramatically. Many factories and industrial buildings have also halted.

The air quality is vastly improving in most countries around the globe and Mount Everest can now be seen from Kathmandu as a result, even though the mountain is about 200km away.

Other mild respiratory illnesses have eased because of the increasing air quality. Patients have reported a sharp drop in their symptoms and have not been to see their respiratory specialists in the past months.

Raju Pangeni, HAMS hospital pulmonary care specialist said, “many of our COPD patients who need regular follow-up haven’t shown up because their symptoms have eased. Some have called to say they don’t require oxygen therapy anymore.”

Emissions from vehicle use are the biggest source of air pollution in Kathmandu. One study reported that up to 70% of Kathmandu’s street-level air pollution is from extensive vehicle use.

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