• Vic Police looking for missing bushwalkers
    Vic Police looking for missing bushwalkers

Two experienced bushwalkers who went missing in the Vic High Country for four days before being found say they simply "got lost".

Trevor Salvado, 60, and Jacinta Bohan, 58, failed to return from a bushwalk at Reservoir Track in the state's southeast last Friday and later that day their car was located near the trailhead.

Over the four days the couple were missing an extensive search of over 120 people failed to find them but then on Tuesday, March 12 the pair were located by a kayaker just after 11am near Buffalo River Road. There were taken to hospital for observation and later released.

Speaking to the media afterwards, Trevor and Jacinta claim they simply got lost.

“The track disappeared or we weren't good at spotting the track and we think we followed an animal track rather than a marked track and we just got to the wrong spot," says Ms Bohan.

The pair knew they were not far away from help and survived on their rations, which included a packed lunch and muesli bars.

"Where we stayed we could hear speed boats on Lake Buffalo, there were campers down below us, there were cows, a dog and there were lights as well," Mr Salvado said.

"We knew we weren't far away from people and help but we had about a 250-foot drop in front of us.

"So we took a few days just to look at it and work out if we could get down there and decided, yes, we'll walk out."

As always Great Walks promotes safe bushwalking practises and this includes filling out a trip intention form and carrying a personal locator beacon at all times.

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