• Fraser Island. TQ
    Fraser Island. TQ

The world's largest sand island is returning to its First Australian origins, with Fraser Island being renamed K'gari.

The Queensland government is finalising the name change to the World Heritage-listed island off the state's south-east.

K'gari, pronounced "Gurri", means paradise, and is what the Butchulla people have always called the island, derived from its Dreamtime creation story.

The World Heritage Committee has already signed off on the renaming and the state government is finalising the paperwork after a naming ceremony was held on the island last Sunday.

Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon, who attended the ceremony, said reverting to the historic name was an important step in the culture of Queensland.

"What a lot of people don't realise is the term 'Fraser island' is really quite offensive to a lot of the traditional owners," Ms Scanlon said.

"For many years they have been advocating for this name change, so it was a significant moment.

"It's been adopted by the World Heritage Committee and supported by the Commonwealth minister and myself."

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