• Point Hicks Lighthouse
    Point Hicks Lighthouse

Gippsland High Country Tours have got a perfect short escape to let you do just that on their 4-day Point Hicks Lighthouse Nature Tour exploring part of Croajingolong National Park on Victoria’s wilderness east coast.

Accommodation every night, no meals to prepare and local guides to lead you on great short walks to discover wildlife, spring wildflowers and other great nature experiences.

“After each day of activity, imagine sitting on the verandah of your cottage with a lighthouse towering above, watching waves crash on the rocks, seals play in the swirling water and perhaps a whale passing by,” says Jenny from Gippsland High Country Tours.

“Then as the day closes, admire the sun setting over the ocean and at night the dark starry sky is broken briefly by the flash from the lighthouse. You could be a million miles from the stresses of your everyday life”.

As an accredited Ecotourism operator, Jenny is committed to giving something back to the environment during tours. “One thing we can all help with is reducing plastic rubbish in our oceans and on one of our beach walks, we spend about half an hour picking up any rubbish we can find on the beach to prevent it washing back into the ocean again.

"Its amazing how much 5-10 people can collect in just half an hour! Rope, nets and small pieces of plastic are what we find the most. It all helps prevent wildlife entanglement or ingestion of plastics which can lead to death in a range of ocean species.”

Limited places are available on spring departures of Pt Hicks Lighthouse Nature Tour and mention you are a reader of Great Walks when you book you will receive a $290 discount off the price of this 4 day package (discount valid for bookings received before August 18th.)

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