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    This way or that way?

For years, Australian Antarctic expeditioners have passed down knowledge about how to make a good home-brewed beer.

It is a tradition that is about to end, with a new alcohol policy being implemented by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).

Ian McLean, whose first expedition was in 1992, had never brewed a beer before that trip. But he soon became the "brew master" at several stations during expeditions in the 1990s and 2000s.

"It was a good time," Mr McLean told the ABC, whose real job on the frozen continent was to look after satellite equipment.

"In the early days, it [home-brew] was there because it was easier to brew on station than it was to transport it down."

Despite it becoming easier to transport commercially made alcoholic drinks over time, the home brewing continued.

The policy is aligned with the current federal government health guidelines, which recommend consuming no more than 10 standard drinks of alcohol a week, prompting home-brew to be banned.

The incoming AAD policy "recognises the need to create a comfortable and safe community atmosphere on research stations, with the ability to have a drink while engaging socially and to celebrate special occasions," the division's director, Kim Ellis, said.

He said the policy was not a response to any particular incidents, but to the risks associated with living in Antarctica.

"Antarctica is a unique environment — it's incredibly cold and incredibly harsh — and very small mistakes can lead to very big consequences," Mr Ellis said.

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