• Walking over the new sandstone water crossings.
    Walking over the new sandstone water crossings.

Nine News has reported that the Blue Mountains mayor is calling on the NSW government for help following a weekend of "bedlam" when people pushed over barricades and crowds had to be dispersed, as visitors returned to the tourist hotspot.

Mark Greenhill says the local city council doesn't have the power or resources to enforce coronavirus social distancing rules so the state government needs to come up with a strategy.

NSW will relax travel rules in June, meaning people will be able to once again visit their favourite regional destinations.

Cr Greenhill has written to the premier and health minister requesting assistance because, he says, even now "there's no social distancing happening up here".

"We're classed as Sydney so we've had visitors coming for weeks," the mayor told AAP on Wednesday.
A number of areas, including Echo Point and Lincoln's Rock, are closed due to COVID-19 but as people have returned to the mountains, directions have been ignored and streets have become crowded.

"We've had people actually pushing barricades down, we've had police sort of dispersing crowds. It's been bedlam," the mayor said.

"What we saw last weekend in the Blue Mountains was not safe."

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