• Mount Connor, NT
    Mount Connor, NT

The Northern Territory is set to open its border to travellers from Sydney for the first time in months.  

The Northern Territory Health Minister says while Sydney looks set to be removed from the hotspot list next week, there is still no clear date when Victorians will be allowed into the territory. 

"We need to see Victoria step through its transition out of lockdown before we would be looking at removing that hotspot declaration," Natasha Fyles said.

Earlier in the month the NT's Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the lowering number of COVID cases in Victoria was “encouraging”, but the state still had a way to go before travellers from Victoria would be allowed into the Northern Territory.

“Victoria will continue to be a hot spot for the purposes of travel to the Northern Territory,” he said.

Gunner said the “sustained downward trend” of new cases in Sydney over time, including seven straight days of 10 or fewer new cases paired with a “superb” contact tracing system had led to his decision.

Gunner has also previously warned he would not hesitate in putting closures back in place should there be a sudden flare up of COVID cases in Sydney.

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