• Paris, France
    Paris, France

There's no more zipping past the Eiffel Tower or through the Latin Quarter without slowing down to soak in the sights: the speed limit across nearly all of Paris was on Monday cut to 30kmh. The city wants to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport.

To further dissuade drivers from taking vehicles into the city, authorities are also getting rid of 60,000 of the Paris' 144,000 parking spaces on public roads to make them "more accessible to everyone," and will better utilise underground parking. Some sidewalks will be widened - allowing more walking space, as well as trees and plants - and new cycle lanes will be installed.

City Hall officials said that the change would reduce total road accidents by an estimated 25% and fatal accidents by 40%, pointing to a World Health Organization study.

Noise pollution will also halve, they estimate, saying that traffic noise had negative physical and psychological impacts, including stress, insomnia and depression.

Best walks in Paris

One of our favorite French words is flâner. It means “to stroll,” but has a much more idle connotation, evoking the idea of wandering without an end point in mind.

From time-to-time, it does the soul good to simply head out to see just what the day, and the city, has to offer.

So the next time you're in Paris - hopefully no later than mid 2022! - leave the car and try any of these gorgeous walks!

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