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This week Tassie's Parks and Wildlife Service updated its fire warnings, telling bushwalkers what's opened and what's closed. Here's the full list:

"As a result of the emergency service suppression efforts and the calmer conditions, the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has been able to assess and re-open some National Parks and other areas.

The following areas have been re-opened:
Mt Field National Park Day Visitor Area, Russell Falls track and Tall Trees Circuit
However, the campground, Lady Barron Falls Circuit Track and the alpine tracks remain closed.

Walking tracks in Tasman National Park and Douglas Apsley National Park have been re-opened.

Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area – Snug Falls and Pelverata Falls Tracks will re-open tomorrow (Wednesday 6 February) but Umfrevilles Track and Snug Tiers remain closed.

Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve – Echo Sugarloaf Track will re-open tomorrow (Wednesday 6 February).

The Southwest National Park, Hartz Mountains and Hastings Cave remain closed.

Junee Cave and Marriott Falls State Reserves are also closed until further notice.

Walls of Jerusalem National Park – Little Fischer River Track remains closed. Walkers are asked to suspend trips until further notice due to the risks created by the current fire situation.

PWS is continuing to assess track openings and closures, and is asking people not to go onto any reserve land that has been impacted by fire as it is unsafe.

While the fire situation continues, PWS is reminding walkers NOT to set off on walks in remote areas and NOT to enter tracks affected by fire as they are unsafe.

PWS is requesting people to be aware of displaced, disoriented or injured wildlife on our roads – slow down when driving from dusk to dawn in areas fire affected areas.

Walkers are reminded to use the Visitor Logbooks and to sign out on their return, and that campfires are currently not allowed in any National Parks, Reserves, and Parks campgrounds."

For more info click here.

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