• Qantas plane
    Qantas plane

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says there is a near negligible risk of getting Covid-19 on a plane.

Asked how people can fly while social distancing, he said: "Because the cabin's pressurised, 99.9% of all viruses, all bacteria, are filtered through medical-grade filters, they are usually in operating theatres and the air is extracted every five minutes from the cabin. The air circulates from top to bottom.

"Everybody in an aircraft is facing the same direction with a barrier of a seat in front of them. The medical advice and the medical evidence shows there is a very low risk of transmission of Covid-19."

He told Today there could be hundreds of thousands of people who have travelled worldwide since the pandemic arose and not contracted the virus, claiming "we don't know of a single person-to-person transmission on an aircraft".

Will this encourage people to hop on planes as travel restictions ease? Only time will tell.

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