• Mount Maroon
    Mount Maroon

Scenic Rim SES members have distinguished themselves after police were called to Mount Maroon to help find three lost hikers about 2pm on Saturday.

Police said SES were called to assist and about 3pm they commenced the walk in to find the trio.

Beaudeserttimes.com.au reports ,after an arduous walk the SES team located the hikers at around 7:15pm on the Saturday night.

Scenic Rim SES local controller Danni Bull said the four rescuers were Graham Stumey, Brian and Trish Johnston and Cliff Orford.

"The three missing hikers were were doing the Mount Maroon caves to summit circuit, not the standard walk to the summit," she said.

"It's quite a difficult walk and it's pretty much impossible to see the tracks.

"We were able to get their location with help from the police locator, which pings their phones to see where they are."

As always Great Walks promotes safety in the bush and this starts from planning a walk before you leave the house, filling out a trip intention form so people know where you are and when you are returning, and making sure you have all the gear you need for a variety of weather conditions and bad case scenarios.

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