• Sleeping in a gondola.
    Sleeping in a gondola.

Now we know we can't travel overseas but it's nice to dream there'll be a day in the not-too-distant future where we'll be able to jet off to many an exotic location, case-in-point Switzerland.

And with the reopening of borders of many European countries, this has inspired Switzerland Tourism to launch the Million Stars Hotel project.

With 50 “rooms” dotted around the country offering private and unobstructed views of the starry night skies, guests can now choose to overnight in some of the most unusual places.

Whether the locations feature views of the mountains, lakes, rivers, the countryside or cities, the stays come in all shapes, sizes and forms including gondolas, bubble tents, pods, tree tents, huts, exposed beds, rooftops and more.

Specially selected by the team at Switzerland Tourism for their extraordinary characteristics and locales, 33 of these “rooms” are also conveniently situated along the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

Designed to complement the existing product offerings in terms of getting “back to nature”, the Million Stars Hotel project also aims to encourage visitors to explore the lesser-known areas of Switzerland, offering them a different and even more intimate #inLoveWithSwitzerland and #INeedSwitzerland experience.

Available from now until the end of October 2020, the Million Stars Hotel will be open for booking again in summer 2021.

So you see, it is worth dreaming of that next overseas trip. More info click here.

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