• The Twelve Apostles
    The Twelve Apostles

Park Trek is offering the opportunity to walk the entire length of the Great Ocean Walk in 2019. If you’re looking for a challenge, join them to tackle this 7 day/105km track.

On Day 1 of the walk, you hug the pretty coastline from Apollo Bay to Shelley Beach, gradually leaving civilisation behind.

On Day 2 you head inland into Great Otway NP where you walk under towering mountain ash before hitting the coast again at beautiful Blanket Bay.

On Day 3 your walk takes you past the remote Cape Otway Lightstation, where you’ll stop for a tour of the historic lightstation.
Day 4 sees you walking to spectacular Johanna Beach – this rugged beach looks its best in wild and woolly weather as the huge surf smashes into the rocks.

Day 5 is the most spectacular day’s walking and it includes perhaps the most difficult section of the walk along undulating cliff tops – but you’ll have your walking legs by day five and the incredible views provide plenty of inspiration.

If it’s low tide on the morning of Day 6, you can walk out across the rocks at Wreck Beach to see the anchors of two old shipwrecks that are submerged off shore here.

On Day 7, our final leg, you walk towards the iconic Twelve Apostles and wrap up our our adventure with lunch at a spectacular viewing platform looking right along this iconic coast.

As with all of Park Trek’s tours, you will walk carrying only a day pack – your camera, waterbottle, lunch, snacks and raincoat are the only essentials on the trail.

You’ll stay in comfortable accommodation and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals prepared by your guides using fresh local produce.

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