• Pure water on a Tassie day walk. tourism Tas.
    Pure water on a Tassie day walk. tourism Tas.

Tasmania will decide whether to open its border to travellers from New South Wales next Monday, the Premier says.

The Apple Isle, which was the first Australian state to close the border in the face of COVID-19, is set to open up to travellers from the "low-risk jurisdictions" of SA, WA, Queensland, the NT and the ACT from October 26, but no decision has been made on NSW.

"We are continuing to monitor the situation in New South Wales closely," Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein told the ABC on Tuesday.

He said numbers of COVID-19 infections in NSW were "very low" for such a large state, but that public health advice was to wait another week to make a final decision.

"I am certainly not ruling out easing the restrictions with NSW at this stage," Mr Gutwein said.

At this stage, Tasmania's border is set to stay closed to travellers from Victoria until December 1.

From October 26, mandatory quarantine will still be in place for people entering the state from high-risk areas.

If the border to does open to NSW no doubt many bushwalkers will be itching to explore getting over there. Stay tuned!

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