• The injured bushwalker on Flinders island is rescued by emergency personnel.
    The injured bushwalker on Flinders island is rescued by emergency personnel.

Imagine yourself in the rugged wilderness of Tassie’s Flinders Island, miles away from the nearest road, with no addresses, and no nearby landmarks to refer to.

The rugged mountain ranges, deserted beaches and abundant wildlife make Flinders Island is the perfect playground for an outdoor adventure. But how would you describe your location to the emergency service if something were to go wrong?

This is exactly what happened when a female bushwalkeer, Cornelia Gratzer who injured herself (broke her leg in two places) atop a windy cliff-face earlier this month.

Her companions walked for 30 minutes in search of phone coverage to call Ambulance Tasmania, but they struggled to describe their whereabouts on the Triple 0 call.

For situations like this, Ambulance Tasmania has trained its team members to use what3words to help Triple 0 callers communicate their precise location, or the location of an emergency nearby, easily and accurately - using just three words.

what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations. It has divided the world into a grid of 57 trillion 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. For example, Tassie landmark Launceston Bridge can be found at ///mobile.stuns.comical.

It also works offline, making it ideal for use in remote areas of Tasmania with an unreliable data connection, such as the South West Wilderness, which is enjoyed by bushwalkers, boaters and campers.

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