• Sea ciffs
    Sea ciffs

Thrillseekers are queuing up to dangle 60m off a sea cliff at Britain’s scariest bed and breakfast.

They spend the night hitched to a flimsy hanging platform that is lowered down the rock face above the crashing waves.

The Ledge campsite near St Davids, in Pembrokeshire in Wales, is proving a huge hit at $A640 a night on Airbnb.

Guests must bring their own sleeping bag but hot drinks, supper and breakfast are included.

They get full tuition before they are lowered on the portaledge hanging tent system, designed for rock climbers having to sleep out.

Organiser Stuart McInnes, a climbing instructor, said: “Most people manage to get a good night’s sleep. It’s completely safe. They are tied on the whole time.”

Stuart, 33, remains nearby in case of emergencies.

“It’s usually just bringing them up for the loo — we’d rather they didn’t go over the side for environmental reasons,” he said.

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