• Tyndall Range, Tas
    Tyndall Range, Tas

A feasibility study into Tasmania's Next Iconic Walk is now complete, and the Tasmanian Government has confirmed its commitment to proceed with the walk in the Tyndall Range on Tasmania's west coast.

The Tyndall Range was selected for the feasibility study from 35 possible proposals, and extensive community consultation, due to its extraordinary, spectacular, and dramatic landscape.

Community engagement featured strongly during the feasibility study into the Next Iconic Walk, with seasoned walkers and other visitors surveyed. Feedback and input were also sought from the community and businesses, and market-tested to determine the appetite for a hut-based overnight walk in this location.

The feasibility study has identified a three-day, two-night, hut-based walk as being the best option from more than 50 alternative options tested. The walk will begin at Lake Plimsoll in the north and extend along the lower slopes to the eastern side of the Tyndall Range to Lake Margaret in the south.

The walk is located in the Tyndall Regional Reserve and Lake Beatrice Conservation area, outside of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The route has been tested and refined in response to community feedback to avoid sensitive alpine areas.

What are the next steps?

Detailed design work and assessments will follow as part of stage two. Once the route is mapped out, the walk will be assessed through the Reserve Activity Assessment (Level 3) process, and the public given the opportunity to provide feedback.

How long will it take to construct the walk?

Subject to all approvals being obtained, it is anticipated that work on the walk will commence in late 2023, with the entire walk open to walkers in 2029. As a comparison, it took 10 years from conception to delivery of the Three Capes Track.

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