• Two participants of last year's Wildendurance.
    Two participants of last year's Wildendurance.

The 2015 WildEndurance team walking challenge will partner with Science for Wildlife to raise funds to track and save koalas from extinction in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Now in its eighth year, WildEndurance is a stimulating challenge for teams of 2-7 participants who will walk or run either 50km or 100km while experiencing first-hand the beauty and stunning scenery of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

The event track showcases the cultural and ecological values of the Blue Mountains, and passes through the homes of more than 400 different kinds of animals, such as spotted-tailed quolls, koalas, yellow-bellied gliders, long-nosed potoroos, green and gold bell frogs and the Blue Mountains water skink, which happily live in the rugged gorges and tablelands of the Greater Blue Mountains.

Run by The Wilderness Society, WildEndurance, is open to mums, dads, families, fitness clubs, walking groups, sports teams, community groups, nature lovers, corporate teams and “bucket list” achievers.

WildEndurance will be held over the weekend of 2nd-3rd May 2015 and registrations are now open online. Click here for more info.

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