• On the Grand Canyon Track. Credit: NSW National Parks
    On the Grand Canyon Track. Credit: NSW National Parks

As Australia's only dedicated bushwalking magazine, Great Walks not only covers the multi-day bucket list walks but the hundreds of day walks that our readers explore on a regulars basis.

In fact there are so many day walks out there we've only covered a small portion of them in the 11 years we've been around, which is why we're calling out to you to tell us about your favourite days walk - anywhere in the country!

Before you start writing, first you have to pitch us your walking story. Tell us where the day walk is, how long it is and briefly why it's so good.

Email your pitch to: editor@greatwalks.com.au (Subject: Day walk pitch)

If we like it then we'll send you a contributors guidelines and couple of sample day walks stories so you know what we're looking for.

Here's an early tip: tell a story about the walk, about your experiences on it and maybe some interesting cultural or historical facts. DON"T write lines and lines of “turn left here, walk along this trail..etc”. We'll make sure there's a link at the end of the story providing readers with the walknotes and detailed maps they're looking for.

We also need a few high quality photos of the walk, some with people in them (we love bushwalkers in photos!) and if you have access to a general map of the area you're writing about that would be great too.

The story will be a maximum of 600 words. We'll publish it in the mag and pay you $150. Good luck!

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