Falls Creek offers walkers a world of possibilities - part 2

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Ask any bushwalker, snow-skier or mountain lover and they will all tell you the same thing – “Falls Creek is the prettiest alpine village in Australia”.

In part two of our two-part feature on walks in and around Victoria's Falls Creek area (read part one here), we look at some glories day walks.

The trails at Falls Creek are well marked.
The trails at Falls Creek are well marked.

In the Bogong area of Alpine National Park there are nearly 60 huts and hut ruins scattered all over the landscape.

These quaint, rustic and iconic mountain huts are part of the region's rich heritage and many can only be reached by foot. With the change of the seasons comes the change of attractions at Falls Creek.

Ropers Lookout
Grade: Easy. Time: 1.5hr. Distance: 4km return
Start: The Roper Lookout walking track starts two kilometres past Falls Creek village along the Bogong High Plains Road. Cross over the Rocky Valley dam wall and park your car near the information board at the eastern end of the dam wall. Alternatively, walk to the track-head from the village.

This scenic trail follows the course of the crystal-clear Rocky Valley Aqueduct which is lined with mosses and lichens. Along the way, you’ll stroll across alpine meadows which are blanketed with colourful wildflowers in the summer. Traversing dry stone rock steps, the trail climbs steeply through snow gum woodland with triggerplants, daisies and Mountain Pepper shrubs. Finally, it leads to a small basalt knoll which is Roper's Lookout (1,706m). This vantage point offers excellent views of the surrounding high country and is a great spot for a picnic. The vista takes in the Kiewa Valley, Falls Creek Village and Rocky Valley Lake. Around the village, slopes of the many cross-country ski trails and downhill ski runs are evident.

You have plenty of choices of walking trails depending on time and ability.
You have plenty of choices of walking trails depending on time and ability.

Mt Cope
Grade: Moderate. Time: 1hr. Distance: 3km return
Start: Drive approximately 11km past the dam wall to the Mt Cope signpost. The track starts on the right-hand side of the road and returns via the same path.

Standing at 1,837m, Mount Cope is one of the highest peaks in the High Plains. This easy trail takes you directly to the summit from Bogong High Plains Road. The trail itself is well signposted, leading you across the plains and then up through the snow gums to the summit. It's a gentle steady climb to the top, with far-reaching views around the High Plains the entire way. At the summit, you’ll enjoy the wide-open spaces and the never-ending horizon as you look out over vast alpine meadows, rolling mountains, grassland covered in wildflowers and alpine bogs.

Rocky Valley Lake
Grade: Easy. Time: 1 hour. Distance: 2km return
Start: The Village Bowl. From the tennis courts take the access track by the Eagle Chair line for about 50m.

Follow the Aqueduct Trail east from the Village as it curves its way into grassy woodland and crosses Bogong Alpine Way, before continuing to Rocky Valley Lake. One of the prominent features that really makes Falls Creek so unique and special is the picturesque Rocky Valley Lake. This manmade dam was created for the Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme and has a capacity of 28,000 megalitres. At 1600m the lake is the highest significant body of water in Australia. Not only does it present a majestic setting amongst the classic mountain scenery it also provides a playground for a range of aquatic activities including trout fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and sailing.

Falls Creek Falls
Grade: Easy. Time: 1 hr. Distance: 500m return
Start: Gully Carpark

These picturesque falls are just a short walk from the entrance to the village and a great place for a dip after a long mountain walk. From the Gully Carpark head along the main road towards Bogong. After 150m the trailhead descends from the right-hand side of the road via steep steps into the valley. Cross the small bridge until a fork in the road where the right-hand trail leads you to the falls. This is a tranquil, easy walk for the whole family that captures the beauty of the alpine bushland. For a longer hike, you can continue along the Packhorse Heritage Trail (9km return), leading to Howmans Gap.

You'll discover iconic huts on a number of Falls Creek walks. Photo: Charlie Brown.
You'll discover iconic huts on a number of Falls Creek walks. Photo: Charlie Brown.

Frying Pan Spur
Grade: Moderate. Time: 1 hr. Distance: 1.5 km return (from the junction of the Home and Away Trail)
Start: Begin at Ory’s Trail (enter via Schuss St. opposite Milch Café)

Follow the walk description for the Home and Away Trail, continuing past the top of the Summit Chair until you reach the T intersection described. From this point continue straight ahead for the 650m trip to the end of Frying Pan Spur, identified by a rocky outcrop and Trig Point. Here, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Kiewa Valley and surrounding mountains.

Need to know
For more info on walking in Falls Creek visit fallscreek.com.au/summer

The Visitor Information Centre is in the Falls Creek Resort Management office, upstairs on the corner of Slalom Street and the Bogong High Plains Rd. Locally staffed and operated, the Centre staff are the local experts on the activities, services, amenities and general knowledge on all things Falls Creek. 

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