• Epiq SE puffer. Image supplied
    Epiq SE puffer. Image supplied

Kathmandu has launched its latest product innovation, the Epiq SE: a special edition of Kathmandu’s heritage puffer jacket, crafted with fabric derived from recycled plastic waste, including end-of-life car tyres.

At end of life, car tyres are often incinerated, releasing significant amounts of toxic pollutants into the air, or disposed of, taking up space in landfill.

In partnership with Fulgar, an international leader in manmade fibre, Kathmandu says it has turned this problem into an opportunity; the Epiq SE’s main fabric has been constructed with Fulgar’s groundbreaking technology, Q-CYCLE: a yarn made with recycled post-consumer waste, including end-of-life car tyres.

Also each jacket has its own Unique Digital ID sewn into it, helping customers discover the unique sustainability story behind their jacket, including learning about its design and manufacturing process, the factory it was made in, the materials used to make their piece, repair information, and eventually, traceability and resell recommendations.

"We’re now delivering our best Epiq version yet, which is incredibly exciting and something we are immensely proud of. We will continue to embrace our Epiq icon as a vehicle for innovation, inspiration, and best-in-class sustainable practice," says Kathmandu’s General Manager of Product, Karinda Robinson.

Great Walks recently received one of the Epiq SE puffer jackets and it's hardly been off us as June 1 clicked into winter!

You can really see the research and development that has gone into the jacket. The fill is made up of 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers and it instantly heats the body as you as the jacket is put on.

It's a shame it only comes in a black but maybe they'll do more colours later on. All-in-all this is the perfect puffer for standing around sports fields, doing outings on cold windy days and taking the dog for a walking on a winter's morning.

For more info click here.

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