• Trekker's Wool. Image supplied
    Trekker's Wool. Image supplied

Your feet are the last place you want to feel pain as you train for a trek or long distance run. Trekker’s Wool is a natural solution for blister and hot spot prevention.

Trekker’s Wool will help you to avoid blisters altogether, as opposed to the products on the market that help you to heal once you have one.

The beauty of Trekker’s Wool, is that it is 100% natural, pure Australian Merino lambs’ wool, which is completely untreated and therefore contains all the natural lanolin.

The wool provides soft cushioning and the lanolin wicks away moisture, reduces friction and promotes healing. Trekker’s Wool prevents blisters, hot spots, black toes and reduces painful pressure points.
It is also great for restoring dry heels – which can happen to anyone.

Nature has created its very own way to reduce moisture and friction through lanolin. Lanolin is naturally occurring oil that is found naturally on sheep's wool. The wool repels perspiration and moisture allowing your feet to breathe.

And as one happy custumer says: "Trekker’s Wool got me through the Kokoda Track. Any hot spot or friction was quickly addressed with a wad of wool and the relief was instantaneous. Not one blister formed as a result of early intervention with Trekker’s Wool.” - Tom P, Kokoda Track.

Each bag of Trekker’s Wool contains 30 grams of pure and unprocessed Merino lambs’ wool, sufficient for a six day trek, or providing weeks of daily pain relief. For more info click here.


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