• Light My Fire embraces EU single use plastics ban. Credit: Elin Rein
    Light My Fire embraces EU single use plastics ban. Credit: Elin Rein

Outdoor foodware brand Light My Fire has embraced the EU's recent ban on single use plastic items that came into law in the beginning of July.

"We must immediately stop throwing out plastic rubbish in nature. Nature, and the oceans in particular, have been enormously damaged by a completely unacceptable behaviour on the part of humanity for far too long," says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO and owner of Light My Fire.

"The single use plastics directive is welcome. Now it's just a matter of not replacing the disposable items in plastic with disposable items in other materials. We need to learn a completely new behaviour."

Since 3 July, it is forbidden to introduce new disposable plastic products on the market. This is in accordance with the EU Single Use Plastics Directive.

Light My Fire produces reusable products in biobased plastic. At the forefront is the iconic Spork, the combined fork, spoon and knife in one that is the optimal replacement for the disposable cutlery. The Spork is also available in durable titanium.

In addition to the ban on certain products, the EU directive contains guidelines for an expanded recycling system of food and beverage packaging. Light My Fire's reusable lunch boxes and mugs are already used in several different recycling systems. Most recently in collaboration with Got Event at the UEFA final in Gothenburg.

"The system with the reusable boxes became a food for thought for users and a hot topic among our European colleagues," says Johanna Gadd, sustainability manager at Got Event.

"The collaboration reduced the need for disposable items and thus reduced the amount of waste. We will definitely want to be involved in testing and developing systems like the one we have tried now. There is a need to find a simple deposit system to minimise waste of products. But there is no doubt that in the future we will have an increased focus on reusable products at our events. Most important of all is to dare to try even if it feels challenging and difficult at first."

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