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Great Walks tries out some Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meals.

"It’s always interesting going hiking with someone who has never been on a multi-day walk before. On my recent excursion on the Murramurang South Coast Walk I took along my mate James and before we left we did a full gear check.

The first thing he raised his eyebrows at were my selection of Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meals, but I told him to hold his opinion until he had tried them.

Five hours of lovely coastal walking later we reached our hut at Depot Beach. We were totally famished and I let James choose which Back Country Cuisine meals he wanted to try first.

He opted for the Moroccan Lamb, and for dessert, the Chocolate Brown Pudding. Right, boil some water, open the packet, pour the water into the packet up to the watermark, give it a good stir, seal the packet shut and wait for the number of minutes it says on the instructions. Easy peasy.

A short time later we divided the contents into two bowls and got stuck in. You could easily eat from the packet but seeing as there were two of us and this was a large serving that would have been a lot of double dipping.

The Moroccan Lamb was rich and flavourful, and you could taste the individual bits of pumpkin, apple and couscous. And the way James finished his meal and held his bowl out in front of him Oliver Twist-like, I could tell he agreed.

Next was the dessert and to be honest I find these are the trickiest things to get right but the Chocolate Brown Pudding was pretty good. Hot and gooey, full of flavour. I reckon with a dollop of ice cream it would have been perfect.

The next day we had Chicken Carbonara, another favourite of mine, and for dessert we had the Apple and Berry Crumble. You can’t go wrong with any of the pasta meals on offer. The chicken tasted like chicken, there was plenty of pasta, and the creamy sauce brought it all together.

The crumble dessert was ok, not my favourite but still filled a hole and it was a treat to try something different. All-in-all Back Country Cuisine offers lightweight, nutritious meals at a good price point."

Review_Brent McKean

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