• Dexshell Trekking Socks. Image supplied
    Dexshell Trekking Socks. Image supplied

Great Walks tests out a pair of Dexshell Trekking Socks.

Dexshell Trekking Socks - $89.99
During a walk in Jagungal Wilderness, located in the northern part of Kosciuszko National Park, I wore a pair of Dexshell waterproof socks. I walked 15km through a 25°C bluebird day. There are three important things to consider with waterproof socks - 1) waterproofness 2) comfort, and 3) breathability. Taking #2 first - I’d say mostly yes they work. Underfoot was no problem at all, and it was only towards the end of the day that I could feel them pressing on the end of my toe. Having said that, I was sized at the top end of Medium and perhaps should have been wearing Large.

My feet certainly did feel quite hot by the time I reached the Tumut River, but no waterproof membrane is ever going to feel like merino wool for breathability (although the inner is 38 per cent merino for comfort). After splashing through the shin-deep river I removed my socks for examination, but given the hot day and the mileage I couldn’t tell if the dampness there was from sweat or creek.

It certainly didn’t feel as if they’d leaked, but I repeated the test at home in the bathtub. After five minutes staring at the shower head, I was satisfied - no leakage. I can’t say how long that will be the case, but for now, I’m happy to give them the Dan stamp of approval!

Words_Dan Slater

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