• Fenix HM50R V2.0 headtorch
    Fenix HM50R V2.0 headtorch

Fenix have long impressed with their handheld torch range. The IPX8 waterproofness has translated to the (catchily-titled) HM50R V2.0, making it the highest rated on test (see full reviews in Great Walks April-May 20223).

Its rechargeable ARB-L16 16340 battery also gives it the highest output on test at an eyeball-searing 700 lumens (Turbo mode), although that brightness will only last an hour, and won’t even activate if the battery is sufficiently depleted.

The lowest setting of 30 lumens lasts a more useful 120 hours. I didn’t like that this head torch doesn’t have a mode memory; the last thing you want while switching on a head lamp is to ruin your night vision with hundreds of lumens of white when it’d been on red when you switched it off.

The weird thing is, when unlocking the lamp, it defaults to red LED, so it knows that’s a useful thing!

The large single button is all you need to find all six modes. The metal housing can overheat in Turbo mode, but the headlamp’s ‘brain’ recognises this and dials it back a notch until the torch has cooled down, then it cranks it up again.

The charging port is accessible, and the housing detaches easily from the head strap for use as a tiny hand-held light. There’s even a pen clip on the body for attaching it to webbing straps! The HM50R is easy to use and solidly built with 2m impact resistance, and recharges in 1½ hours.

RRP: $119.95
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