• New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2
    New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2

I love running. When I'm not bushwalking and enjoying the great outdoors I'm pounding the pavements of the coastal Sydney suburb where I live.

The problem is I'm a bit lazy at replacing my running shoes. I'm sure I should replace them at least every year but my old pair have lasted me about four years so I forgot what it was like to run in a new pair of shoes.

Enter the lightweight New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2 running shoe offering out-of-the-box comfort. As soon as I put them on (and threw out my old runners) I could feel the difference. I felt straighter and taller in my stance. And as soon as I hit the pavement I felt the shoes 'turn on' like they were waiting to be run in.

That’s all down to the showpiece of the FuelCell Rebel v2, the super chunky but highly compressible mid-sole. You can feel it absorbing all the energy of your weight as each foot strikes the tarmac. I tend to run hard and heavy on my heels so the mid-sole had its work cut out.

The upper is sleek, supportive and comfortable, not to mention translucent and breathable. The engineered mesh is soft and flexible but without much in the way of support or structure but that didn’t seem to matter too much as my foot sat comfortably within the shoe.

The asymmetrical lacing design provided good lock-down feeling and compensated for the flat, thin, non-gusseted tongue that I constantly needed to pull back into place when I was lacing up the shoe.

I love running up steps and hills and the Rebel v2 provided plenty of long-distance comfort. My legs felt great by the end of the runs and that says a lot about a running shoe.

I’m not a fan of the apricot/white combo but more colour choices are being released this year so keep your eyes out for them.

If you're looking for a cushy, responsive, lightweight shoe for your daily runs and training that won't break the bank, the FuelCell Rebel v2 from New Balance is a good choice.

RRP: $220
Weight: 200gm per shoe (male)
Website: newbalance.com.au

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