• Hilleberg Helags 2 two-person tent
    Hilleberg Helags 2 two-person tent

Great Walks reviews the Hilleberg Helags 2 two-person tent.

Removing the Helags, a new model for 2021, from its bag, one can immediately see and feel the quality – silky smooth yet strong flysheet fabric, solid plastic and metal buckles and other components.

Part of Hilleberg’s Yellow Label Range, the Helags is described in its press release as a “very light, two vestibule tunnel tent built for the snow-free months of the year”, which just goes to show how brutal Swedish weather can be.

This ‘summer’ tent would be overkill for most Australian conditions, except the harsh Tasmanian mid-winter. It also illustrates something of the Swedish approach to ‘light weight’ since it tips the scales at 2.4kg.

The integral pitch design comes with inner and outer ready to be erected as one – very useful for poor-weather setup.

The daunting, 12-page instruction booklet resembles a manual for the construction of a trans-Atlantic zeppelin, but the basic configuration is actually quite simple with just four pegs and six guys required.

Pitching the inner or outer separately is also possible with a little effort. Once inside, the liveability is undeniable – tons of space in all directions and a feeling of security. It could have more pockets, but there’s enough space to spread your gear out on the floor.

A thing of pristine, if slightly weighty, beauty.
Tested: Colo River, fine.
Online price: $1295 approx.
Weight: 2.4kg
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