• Jabra Elite 10 earbuds. Image supplied
    Jabra Elite 10 earbuds. Image supplied

Great Walks tests out the new Jabra Elite 10 earbuds.

One way I stay fit for the outdoors is hitting the gym with a combination of weights and machines to get my heart rate up. However I do get bored easily, especially if I’m repeating a lot of exercises so to make the time go by quicker and to help me focus I listen to music – and the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds have been keeping me good company for some months.

It amazes me the quality of sound you get from these little earbuds thanks to the Dolby Atmos feature, and you can individually tailer-make the sound to you using the free app that comes with the earbuds. I listen to a variety of music from jazz to hard rock and the Jabra Elite constantly produces a clear, crisp sound.

Even listening to podcasts or audiobooks there’s a nice timbre to the narrator’s voice thanks to the quality of tiny speakers in the earbuds. I also like the Active Noise Cancellation feature (ANC) which makes all the difference when you board a train or plane. It really does shut out the outside sounds.

The earbuds are charged each time you return them to their storage container which in turn is charged when you plug that into a power socket or USB port. Fully charged the buds have six hours of battery life (eight hours if you turn off the ANC feature).

There’s a 10m range between your earbuds and your phone which is plenty for the gym or if you’re walking around the house. There’s also a Find My Jabra feature on the app if you misplace your earbuds which is good because they aren’t cheap. Now, Jabra does make more budget-friendly earbuds but for its quality - and especially if you’re going to use them all the time - I reckon Elite 10s are a pretty ‘sound’ investment.

RRP: $379
Website: jabra.com.au

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