• Keith Ti6013 Two-Piece Titanium Cookset
    Keith Ti6013 Two-Piece Titanium Cookset

Great Walks review the lightweight Keith Ti6013 Two-Piece Titanium Cookset.

“There’s no point splashing out on a fancy lightweight stove if you’re humping along your family heirloom cast iron casserole dish.

If you’re weight obsessed, there’s only one material for your cookware, and that’s titanium, but there’s a surprisingly small selection to choose from in Australia.

One of the widest ranges comes from Keith, a Chinese titanium specialist manufacturer. It’s a strange name for a cookware brand, admittedly, but they’ve definitely got the know-how.

The snappily-titled Ti6013 includes 1.2 litre and 0.4 litre vessels, weighing a total of 195g. Too much? Leave the little one at home, although using it as a lid will decrease your boil time and thus fuel consumption.

Its base is also bevelled so that it nests neatly atop the main pot, enabling you to keep part of your meal warm (the rice) while cooking another part (the chilli).

Each pot has a folding two-part handle, although I found that if gripped too tightly, carrying a litre of water, for instance, the silicone handle sleeves slipped over one another, reducing the stability of the grip.

Titanium’s heat transfer is impressive, meaning your food will cook quicker, but also it’ll lose heat quicker once off the stove. Maybe transfer it into a bowl for eating."

RRP: $139.95
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