• Leki Eagle trekking poles. Cathy Campbell
    Leki Eagle trekking poles. Cathy Campbell

Great Walks Track Tests a pair of Leki Eagle trekking poles.

The Eagle trekking poles are from Leki, a German specialist pole manufacturer. Leki are known worldwide as a quality and popular brand.

My first impressions of the Eagle poles are favourable. They look and feel comfortable, lightweight, supportive and durable. I liked the plastic protectors that cover the carbide tips for safety.

The plastic grip handles have moulded grooves for fingers, which feel super comfortable. There are strong nylon wrist straps with a safety release tab for making adjustments. The tab was tight to release for the first time and had me wondering if I was releasing it correctly but this was a one-off experience.

I found the poles lightweight at 540g for the pair due to their durable aluminium manufacture. This included plastic baskets at the bottom which provide more support on soft ground. They felt strong, supportive and comfortable when using on all terrains and surfaces.

The Leki Eagle poles feature a three-piece telescopic design with a twist style lock system. The length is easily adjustable. Having used z-poles in the past, I found the twist and lock system was not intuitive when adjusting the poles for the first time.

The instruction booklet consisting entirely of pictures was not helpful. It took patience and a YouTube video to get the hang of the system and again, is a one-off experience.

The Eagle poles are packable, both folded and attached to a backpack or in luggage. They collapse to around 65cm which is not as short as most z-poles but adequate for most walkers.
Given that poles take around 25 per cent of the weight off knees and backs, they can make or break a hiking experience.

Overall, the Leki Eagle trekking poles are good value and a great option for all walkers!

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