• Wrightsock Adventure Socks. Image supplied
    Wrightsock Adventure Socks. Image supplied

Great Walks' Gear Guru reviews a par of Wrightsock Adventure Socks.

Guaranteed no blisters, or your money back! Okay, I’m interested. Nobody likes blisters, as far as I know. So what’s the secret?

Well firstly, it’s not a secret - the North Carolina company is shouting it from the rooftops (read: product page blurb) - the socks are double-layered.

A thin inner sock is sewn together with a cushioned outer sock, and the layers rub against each other as you walk, harmlessly dissipating friction which would otherwise act to form a blister on your dainty, soft skin. This is not news - it’s why we buy and use liner socks - so why bother combining them? I’m not sure. A gimmick? Maybe, but gimmick or not, it works.

I walked for two days through the Jagungal Wilderness in summer and had no foot trouble at all. The socks were comfortable and the polyester/nylon blend breathed well and showed no visible wear. The smell was so bad it was almost visible, but then again any of my socks would be the same.

The main annoyance was in putting them on - the aforementioned slipperiness between the layers made it fiddly to get the inner sock in place. I’m not sure how you can trademark the term ‘Anti-Blister System’ but it looks like Wrightsock have done it, and are standing behind their claim.

RRP: $49.95

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