• Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate baselayer
    Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate baselayer

If you plan to spend time outdoors, especially in colder months, choosing the right base layer is as crucial for maintaining a comfortable body temperature which should help you avoid hypothermia.

Just in case you’re a first-time reader to Great Walks check out this story about base-layering.

Ideally, a base layer should be close-fitting and be made from a moisture wicking material. However what I discovered the first time I put on the Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate is that not all baselayers are equal. I felt instantly warmer putting on the Heartrub Ultimate - and I mean instantly, like I had flicked a heat switch on.

This is thanks to the two-layer construction of the garment made from 45% polypropylene that is lighter than nylon or polyester basically it offers an excellent warmth to weight ratio and features good hydrophobic properties keeping you dry and warm.

We’ve been encountering some extreme windy weather lately done my way, bringing the daytime temperatures down to single figures at times so it was the perfect environment to test out the Heartrub.

Once again I had that instant warmth as soon as I put it on and what I noticed is that I didn’t need such a super heavy coat to battle the elements because my base layer was doing a top job keep me warm and keeping out that blasting wind!

The garment offers plenty movement and stretch so I didn’t feel like I was wearing something that needed to be super tight on me for it to work.

Zerofit is a Japanese brand and you can see and feel all the research and development that has gone into the product. The stitching and seams are perfect. It’s like if all other baselayers were Toyota this would be the Lexus.

As for price point I reckon you’re getting your money’s worth for $129.95. I’m off skiing soon down Kosciuszko National Park and I know the first thing I'll be packing is the Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate.

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