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The April-May issue is our Camino special and our Gear Guru Dan Slater reviewed a bunch of excellent products to take on your next pilgrim include these three:


La Sportiva Stream GTX Mid boots
Here’s an idea – maybe set aside those ancient leather hiking boots for this one? Sure, they’re reliable and comfortable, but have you weighed them recently? I bet they’re a good deal heavier than a pair of modern, synthetic mids, and they say a pound on your feet is worth five on your back. Mids aren’t as high as full boots but will still offer enough ankle support for the terrain you’ll be covering. The Stream GTX boast a fully waterproof Gore-Tex lining, which when combined with the Surround technology, make for some of the most breathable waterproof boots available today.
La Sportiva Stream - $319.95, T: (2) 9417 5755 E:


Petzl Tikka Head Torch

Petzl Tikka Head Torch
If you don’t want to be one of those aforementioned inconsiderate types, either late-night drunk or early starter, you’re going to need a discrete source of illumination. Bumbling around in the dark, trying to pack or unpack a bag, is not going to win you any friends. Worse still if you dare to turn the room light on (who does that?!) The Petzl Tikka is a great option for a compact, reliable headlamp. It’s perfect for alpine starts because it always switches on in red LED mode, which is the one you’ll need in order to avoid waking your dorm buddies. Tikka - $74.95,


Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Duffle Bag
You may not plan on using one of the trail’s luggage transfer services when you first set off on your journey, but the temptation to take advantage of the convenience will definitely rise sooner or later. Or maybe you’ve planned from the start to have the bulk of your kit transferred to the following night’s accommodation every day. Either way, you’ll need a bag for that purpose, and what better than a super-strong duffle that squashes down to the size of a potato. Don’t need it? You’ll hardly know it’s there. duffel bag - $53.95,

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