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    Number twos

When you're in the bush and nature calls you need to do the right thing for the bush and for other bushwalkers. It's pretty commonsense but ust in case you need a reminder here goes.

If you’re camping somewhere arid, alpine or close to water (like a canyon, more on that later) you might need to consider packing your poo out or using a poo tube.

The Wild Poo Kit This is for when you expect to be able to dig a hole. It includes:

  • Toilet paper (the recycled stuff biodegrades the best)
  • A trowel
  • Hand sanitiser

The Pack-It-Out Kit This kit is for when you can’t leave your poo behind:

  • Paper bags for your business
  • A plastic bag
  • A dry bag
  • Hand sanitiser (but probably keep this separate)

Put your hand inside one of the paper bags, pick up the poo and turn the bag inside out. Now place the paper bag inside your plastic bag, expel the air and tie a knot. Place the plastic bag inside a dry bag to really protect your gear from your portable camp toilet.

Location Location Location! You want your outdoor toilet to be at least 100m (or 100 paces) from camp, trails and water sources. Don’t skimp on this, the further the better! Look for somewhere people are unlikely to go and do your best to find the softest, moistest soil available. If you can’t find poo real estate that fits these specs you might need to pack-it-out. Poo doesn’t decompose well in arid or alpine areas and in canyons or wetlands you can’t get away from the water!

Dig Deep Dig your hole (sometimes called a ‘cathole’) at least 15cm deep and wide enough to handle your shoddy aim. Pile the dirt next to the hole. You can use your trowel, a stick, stone or even the heel of your boot, just get it done.

Assume The Position And Poo In The Bush Or more accurately, the hole. Squat over the hole and poo into it. Bend ze knees. Easy done. Feel the relief wash over you.

Grab A Leaf Or a rock. Natural toilet paper is Leave No Trace approved! Or you can grab the toilet paper you packed earlier. You can bury small amounts of toilet paper but if you’re in one of the sensitive areas mentioned before, or really want to minimise your impact, the best thing you can do is to pack-it-out.

Don’t burn it There are far too many stories of fires that have started in this way. Plus, burning poo smells exactly as you’d expect.

Fill It In and Stomp It Down Aid decomposition by mixing your offering into the dirt with a stick, then fill the hole right back up and stomp it solid. Chuck some leaves over the top and voilà, mischief managed.

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