• Trekking poles. Colby Winfield/Unsplash
    Trekking poles. Colby Winfield/Unsplash

If you don’t use trekking poles you will after watching this video!

Why are trekking poles good?

Increased stability: Balance is one of the key benefits of hiking poles, as they essentially turn your hands into another pair of feet. Improved balance means you can walk faster and reduce your risk of injury.

Improved posture; Walking uphill often causes you to lean forward, putting more pressure on your back. Using poles to climb that hilly ascent can help you stand straighter, and reduce the impact on your back muscles.

Reduced strain; By spreading the work across different muscle groups, you’ll be taking stress off your knees and reducing overall fatigue while you’re at it.

Full body workout; Dangling your arms at your sides while you walk can lead to poor circulation, swollen hands and overworked feet. Hiking poles can prevent swelling since the upper body workout keeps your arms elevated, and the blood pumping throughout the body.

Help keep your feet dry; Hiking poles are handy for testing how deep a river, snow patch or even a muddy bog is before wading into it. Plus, they can provide leverage for leaping over puddles, or stablise you over rocky river crossings.

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