• Stay hydrated in the heat.
    Stay hydrated in the heat.

Hot summer days are just around the corner and even thought we all love the sun on our shoulders when the mercury rises we need to ask ourselves: Is it too hot to hike?

A few things to think about before deciding to set out. Only you know whether you’re a hot headed hiker who can handle the heat or a cool-hearted mountain connoisseur who likes the icier things in life, but there’s a few things you can do to help keep yourself safe in the hot seasons. 

  1. Check the weather forecast. An oldie but a goodie- are temperatures likely to soar while you’re out or is a cool change expected? Also check wind strength and direction, before applying that knowledge to our next tip.

  2. Check for bushfire warnings, a quick google search should find the warnings for your state and park. If there’s one near think about how quickly it could reach your trail. If in doubt, call your local fire information line or use a resource such as NSW’s ‘Fires Near Me’  which is also great for sheer curiosity.

  3. Take twice as much water as you think you’ll need. We’d all like to cut our pack weight down, but hot weather not only means you’re going to need more, but also that many natural water sources are likely to be depleted. If in doubt, bring a strong friend who’s looking for something to prove and make them carry the spare nalgene.

  4. Don’t be a mullet and find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with heat stroke and no way to call for help. Take a charged mobile phone and borrow a PLB, many police stations (such as Katoomba) will rent you one for free.

  5. Swallow your pride and accept that record temperatures are not the time to set a new speed record. Aim for something easy- you can always pick up that bruised ego and walk it all over again if you’re still keen at the end.

  6. Slip, slop, slap, wrap. Sunscreening every exposed limb also helps a lot to reflect heat and keep you cool.

  7. Most importantly: Don’t forget to park yourself in an establishment serving cold refreshments of your choice at the end- after all, you’ve earned it.

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