• Mobile phone. Maël BALLAND/Unsplash
    Mobile phone. Maël BALLAND/Unsplash

Here's a must-read news story.

Queensland authorities are warning outback travellers to not rely on location mapping apps like Google maps.

The State Emergency Service (SES) in the state's far west said its biggest concern was people taking wrong directions while using location mapping apps.

"Especially in the regional and remote areas of south-west Queensland, you can find yourself in a world of pain," area controller John Wallace told the ABC.

Close calls involving drivers being led astray from following Google Maps have made headlines.

Two German tourists were wandering lost for several days after leaving their car bogged in the Cape York wilderness in February.

They claim Google maps showed them a road to drive along but it was more like a flooded track and they got bogged.

Councils and even local residents have made signs to redirect drivers misdirected by Google Maps.

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