• Mount Fuji, Japan. Max Bender/Unsplash
    Mount Fuji, Japan. Max Bender/Unsplash

Japan's most famous natural landmark Mount Fuji sees hundreds of thousands of people every year climb to its volcanic peak.

However the numbers have become so great the Japanese government has decided to put a daily limit on climbers and impose toll charges.

With existing facilities straining under pressure, rising number of injuries, mounting litter concerns, the Yamanashi prefectural government has introduced a toll and implemented a daily cap of 4,000 climbers on the popular Yoshida Trail, which will be effective from July 1 at the commencement of the 70-day summer climbing season.

The Times of India reports that in December Governor Kotaro Nagasaki disclosed that several regulations would be enforced.

These include restricting climbers from starting the trail between 4pm and 2am, and introducing a toll to contribute to the maintenance of hiking routes and the construction of shelters in case of an eruption. The cost of the toll will be determined this month.

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