• Koala. Jordan Whitt/Unsplash
    Koala. Jordan Whitt/Unsplash

And now the news for koalas...

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, has released ‘Anne Chovee’, the first wild Gold Coast Koala to take part in its Chlamydia Vaccine program.

The industry leading program, established between researchers from QUT and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital started trials as part of a lifesaving Koala Chlamydia vaccine research program in 2021.

The program aims to establish the level of vaccination required within an infected Koala population to reduce the overall incidence of chlamydia and improve the associated fertility rates.

To date, the program has seen more than 250 Koalas vaccinated and tracked as part of the program with ‘Anne Chovee’ the first wild Gold Coast Koala to be vaccinated and now, released.

With Koalas named a critically endangered species, stabilising and increasing the population is essential to their conservation.

“This is a huge milestone for our research. Not only has Anne Chovee remained healthy and chlamydia free, she’s also produced a joey. We’re confident the vaccine will continue to protect her, and she no longer needs to be tracked or checked going ahead.” Senior Vet Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Dr Michael Pyne OAM

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