• Walking pole. NEOM on Unsplash
    Walking pole. NEOM on Unsplash

Another month, another health study about the benefits of walking.

A new UK study has found that walking 5,000 steps three times each week for two years can add up to three years to a person's life expectancy. It can also decrease walkers' healthcare costs by up to 13 percent.

Not bad!

This study was published by the London School of Economics and health and wellness platform Vitality Global The goal was to find the best ways for people to form and maintain lifelong healthy habits.

And you lot are even luckier because you're getting your 5,000 plus step up on our wonderful walking trails which means you're getting a whole physical and mental work-out. Win Win!

"Healthy habits can profoundly extend the quality and length of life," Discovery Vitality founder Adrian Gore explained in a statement.

"Our data shows the impact is not only significant but applies across ages, risk factors, and health statuses — maintaining a small amount of physical activity has lasting health impacts.

"Given the role of behaviour in health risk globally, a better understanding of the mechanisms of habits can be a powerful way to improve individual health—and to evolve our healthcare systems to prioritise preventive health."

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