• Machu Picchu, Eddie Kiszka/Unsplash
    Machu Picchu, Eddie Kiszka/Unsplash

Sounds like there's more trouble at Machu Picchu.

Reuters is reporting that protesters are blocking access to Peru's most famous tourist attraction, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.

Reuters says train services to the iconic ruins high up in the Andes have been suspended since Saturday due to safety concerns over demonstrators blocking the railway line.

It seems the protesters are unhappy with a new electronic ticketing system which they say will hurt local businesses by "privatising" sales and directing profits to one single firm.

Agencies responsible for the care and preservation of the site have warned about overcrowding and tickets being oversold, forcing authorities to find new ways to control visitor numbers as travel rebounds in the wake of the pandemic.

We're not sure how this will affect anyone walking the Inca Trail that ends at Machu Picchu but it is possible they'll be caught up in this chaos until it is resolved.

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